Introducing Felicity Fluorogarde


Felicity Fluorgogarde

Today , sadly , my poor little brain is very very sore after all my work launching this website yesterday . At least I know I do have a working brain . I’m giving it a bit of a day off today so it can kick back and chillax a little .

But, as my brain chillaxes , I want to give  a huge fabulous ginormous thank you to all of you 360 people who visited my site in the last 24 hours !Woooohhhh ! Amaaaazing stats !

Anyway , I’m going to introduce to you all my little friend Felicity Fluorogarde , aged 3 1/2 . Felicity is one of my stars of “Squirts ” . Felicity talks ALOT ,driving those around her more than a little crazy – even though she is kind of cute .She always always always wears a pink tutu with purple gumboots . It’s her signature look . One day  , you will meet big brother, Hudson Fluorgarde . Hudson is 8, and has his own special quirks – but more about him another day . Let’s just say , Felicity makes his life interesting ….

See ya later . My brain needs a little snooze ….

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