Mother’s Day Musings

IMG_0209I love being a mum .

And today is Mothers Day here in Australia .. which is nice . Because I’m a mum .

AND know I’m “so blessed” ( to quote the millions of female Facebook users )to have even have kids



When  the kids are being ruddy annoying and simultaneously , I am needing a caffeine refuel , let’s just say , it ain’t a pretty scene in the Flett household .

So , yet again I share with you through  ” Sandy’s World” cartoon strip, another issue of womanhood – combined “Caffiene Defiency /Offspring- induced Insanity ” . A deadly combination for me , and I’m guessing for many others like me .

And even if you aren’t a mum,   for whatever reason that may be , I’m  sure you ,like me , have had those times when small and large children have been getting up your nose , whilst at the same time you are hankering for your next caffeine injection .

For example , imagine you are at your local supermarket waiting in the self serve check out queue . It’s 8:15am on a Wednesday morning and you have only had ONE coffee . And that was at 5:45 am . And you need your next refuelling . And in front of you is a 4 year old with adoring parents  who say “of course you can do the scanning sweetie”.  So if that is the case for you , I’m thinking this cartoon will  have some resonance with you also .

So , enjoy.

And find the full cartoon in the aptly named ” Cartoon”  section , under ” Sandy’s World ” in this webpage ….

love  from

Sandy Flett

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Musings

  1. Sandy, as a friend, may I suggest you don’t really need to tell your readers or followers that you try to be funny, let your blog speak for itself. It’s then up to your readers to decide for themselves if it’s funny or not. 🤔😉
    Hope you understand where I’m coming from, as I’m not trying to be critical at all, just making an observation.
    Bless you as you try to break into the “arty world of humour”
    John ☺ 💁🎨


    1. Hey John. Yes- I see your point ! And it’s something I’ve also considered whether I should do it or not . But I appreciate your suggestion and probably start cutting back on the apologies for my humour . Partly , I mentioned that just to give people the heads up on the style of blog I’m writing… xo Sandy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Sandy for your understanding where I was coming from! I’m so glad you took my observation in the right way…just trying to be helpful in encouraging you in your new venture!
        xo John


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