Upon the dawning of a  bright and crisp winter’s Saturday morning this morning , my family and I had a pleasant venture out to the countryside , escaping the “big smoke ” of Brisbane , to imbibe the beauty of the Australian bush and most importantly , to watch our youngest play soccer and subsequently stuff ourselves with pastries at the local country bakery .

And for some reason , I have come back from this journey , not only 3 kgs heavier , but with a burning need to draw a cow .

So here is my portrayal of :

” A cow ”

No doubt some of you , my uber intelligent blog readers , will see similarities in my little sketch , to the works of the great 17th Century Dutch pastoral painter , Paulus Potter , who sadly and remarkably , died of the milk borne disease , tuberculosis. Perhaps he should have taken to painting chickens .

Enjoy my masterpiece

Love to all from beautiful Brisbane Australia









5 thoughts on “Cows

  1. Hi Sandy! Quick note to let you know that my reblog didn’t pull in your image so the post wasn’t very noticeable. What I’ve done is download your image, cropped a small part out, and added it to my post to make it stand out more. I hope this is ok with you but if not pls let me know!

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    1. Hi there ! That is fine ! And I’m very grateful to you for letting me know that the image wouldn’t repost … I shall have to look into that one . So nice to know I have a fan in beautiful NZ !

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