When I was a kid , I wanted to fly .

I mean , literally , FLY

Like  in the sky , kind of fly

Not in an aeroplane .

Not with wings , like a fairy .

But basically kind of take off , from the ground and , well , soar , up into the blue yonder .

I took to running down the ginormous grassy hills in my school playground , arms stretched out , optimistically waiting for my little legs to lift off .

News Flash :

It didn’t work .

So , the next best thing, was to go on the awesomely huge and cool grey steel 1970’s  swingset  in our backyard and try to tap into the invisible laws of aerodynamics and magic .

I’ll let you decide if that one worked.

And so , when the 52 Week Illustration Challenge topic was “Swing” …

Well, I had to draw this cartoon and stick it right in my illustration portfolio

Enjoy !









3 thoughts on “Swings

  1. Hi Sandy,
    Now this post really got my attention!! I was very interested that you wanted to fly in the sky….but not in an aeroplane type flying as a youngster.. Haha! Such is the imagination of young kids!.
    I think your new sketch/drawing is quite hilarious and you still obviously have that great imagination you had as a child!
    I, on the other hand, had the desire to learn to fly a real aeroplane (aircraft), which of course I managed to achieve at a relatively young age (21).
    I managed to make good use of my pilot’s license in my working life, both with commercial maintenance companies and when I was working with MAF. Sorry to ramble on for so long.
    All the best as you keep drawing and writing,

    Your friend,

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