Kid’s Art School











I’m sooo excited to share my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO !! Aaaagh !!!



As well as being an illustrator , I am an Occupational Therapist with deaf and hard of hearing children – I love both jobs !

Many of the children I see are profoundly deaf . Others can hear something with their hearing aids, or cochlear implants or other things called bone conductors .

Some kids decide to use nothing to help them hear . Instead , they lipread or some kids use Auslan ( Australian sign language)And some kids use Auslan  a lot , others only use it a little .

Some kids have autism , or Down syndrome , or sensory processing problems , as well as being deaf .

But ALL deaf kids love to play , to sing, to dance, to run around , to kick a ball, to swim, to play musical instruments to have fun and do all the things every  child loves to do .

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write and illustrate  a book for deaf kids and their families ?

Who knows what the future holds


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