Men , hair and the 52 Week Illustration Challenge.

I like to draw.

Correction- I LOOOOOOOOOVE to draw and paint and illustrate and create and , well, you get the picture .

I’m addicted .

Its a fact .

And because I love to draw, I started drawing for the Facebook  52 Week   Illustration Challenge  . And , the  theme for this week was to illustrate something about “texture.”

So what the heck , (I hear you say dear reader ) does all of this have to do with the Men …and Hair?

Let me explain .

 I like blokes  (  dictionary definition – Aussie for “men”)  . And I do believe that many of the male  species or “blokes”  in the world get a ” bum rap ” these days . ( bum rap : dictionary definition- Aussie for unjust accusation, verdict, or punishment for bad behaviour)

And it is true , some men deserve to be  justly accused of said “bad behaviour “.


Most  of you blokes don’t deserve this “bum rap ” . And that’s not nice . In fact , it sucks ( let’s not mince words here)

So in today’s blog post , I celebrate the blokes of the world .

Let me explain , again .

5 days ago , I sat bemused , perplexed and uncertain, contemplating ” How on earth am I going to draw for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge something on the theme of “texture ” ?? I turned my head and gazed around my household, whereupon my eyes rested on the noggins ( dictionary definition : Aussie for “heads” ) of the 3 gorgeous men in my life – my 17 year old son with full thick locks cut in the current trend of a brush held upside down , my 19 year old son with the makings of a small beard and clean shaven jaw , and  my gorgeous , long suffering hardworking 47 year old childhood sweetheart husband who is … well , let’s not go into details , but let’s just say , his hair has changed somewhat since we met in 1986… ( as has my waistline …)

And as I gazed at the 3 delightful blokes and pondered the theme of “texture”,  my brain went ” BINGO !'”

I’ll let my illustration explain the rest …

Much love to all my readers

God bless,



Miss Condobolin, 1978

Dawn Phyllis  McGinnis was born and bred in Condobolin, the delightful western New South Wales country town , alongside the family flock of Merino cross Poll Dorset sheep , to Scottish migrant father – Percy ( who prefers for obvious reasons to be called ” Jock”) and 4th generation sheep and pig farming mother , Peggy ( who prefers not to be called by her birth name -Bertha)  McGinnis .

The  Miss Condobolin winner of 1978 , has  now evolved ,  like a butterfly from its chrysalis ,  into a rare and unique Australian treasure .

After several sittings , which necessitated copious servings of tea with scones , lamingtons and Arnotts Tina Wafer biscuits , I managed to capture her portraiture.

Dawn Phyllis McGinnis – this is your time to shine …




A boy and his dog



I love dogs .

And I love kids .

Both make me laugh and fill my heart with sunshine.As we say here in Australia , ” That’s  noice.”  (Translation – “That’s nice  ” or “That’s so truly delightful ” )

And , in fact as well as being an illustrator/artist/cartoonist/ mum , I am an occupational therapist with little deaf kids . And to answer the  question you are thinking , and that most people ask me – yes, I can speak in sign language , but please don’t ask me to TRANSLATE a deaf persons signing as ” I went to The Maldives for my last holiday ” will look to me like  ” Can I eat the scrambled egg on your shoe?”

So anyway , back to the original point of this blog post…

When  I was commissioned to create an artwork to draw a little boy , Henry , with his Border Collie doggy , Alfie ( don’t you just love the names ???!) by Henry’s Aunty Lisa , as a gift for Henry’s 1st birthday , I immediately dropped everything else that I was doing (fortunately that was not a little deaf kid) and scrambled to my 12.9 inch 256GB iPad Pro and trusty Apple Pencil and start creating this drawing on the weirdly named , but extremely cool app , “Procreate ”

I’m pretty happy with the result.

As is little Henry’s Aunty Lisa .

And it was reported to me by Aunty Lisa , that when the parcelled up picture of Henry and Alfie had been flown the 1,797 km from Brisbane down to Melobourne ,  and was ripped open by little Henry’s parents , his mother cried tears of happiness when she saw the delight before her .

And that made made me happy too .

Which is “noice ”

So have  a noice day. Check out the entire  picture of a Henry and Alfie on my noice Illustration page on this website .

Love and hugs to all my precious readers,

And especially  extra love and hugs to readers who SUBSCRIBE  to this blog and SHARE  the blog with their friends and family .

Sandy Flett