Sandy starts her Youtube “Kids Art School” ! Lesson 1 – “How to Draw a Sausage Dog”


I’ve just uploaded my first real kids art lesson on YouTube in my Kids Art School . It’s from a request from Maddie, aged 10 , and called   – “How to draw a sausage dog”. I’d love it if you could share this post  and let as many kids know as possible to help build up my subscriptions  on YouTube . My dream is  to help as many children as I can learn to draw ! Thanks guys !


Having a personal creative space day and blue sausage dogs .

I needed a break today from some book and other  illustration commissions and just wanted to go with ” creative flow ”



And so I drew a sausage dog .

A blue sausage dog .

Actually ,  a blue sausage dog with stripes and zig zags .

Actually , a  blue sausage dog with stripes and zig zags who wears a casual grin as she is comfortable in her own skin as she likes what she likes and doesn’t need to dress in the boring conservative manner of most sausage dogs .

ACTUALLY , a blue sausage dog with stripes and zig zags who therefore HATES  having to wear uniforms , DETESTS being organised by other sausage dogs , CANNOT STAND instruction manuals ,but, who loves SILLINESS  and  being CREATIVE and showing SELF EXPRESSION through art and music and clothing attire and who despite her love of being around OTHER  sausage dogs , feels feels most at ease when in her own arty space MAKING A HECK OF A BIG CREATIVE MESS .

ummm ….

This  drawing may have some deeper meaning .



love to you all


PS – A MESSAGE FOR A CERTAIN MISS MADDIE – I haven’t forgotten your request for a drawing instruction video of how to draw a sausage dog – watch this space over the next week or so ….

xo Sandy

The feverish updating of an illustration portfolio



I’m so excited !!!! I’m like a kid at Christmas time who still believes in Santa!!

This artwork is going in my portfolio for the Children and Young Adults author and illustrators conference . I’ve been burning the midnight candle/iPad working industriously and feverishly to get my portfolio ready for this BIG event .

More info to come later…

But watch this space as I share my portfolio entries with you all .

A boy and his dog



I love dogs .

And I love kids .

Both make me laugh and fill my heart with sunshine.As we say here in Australia , ” That’s  noice.”  (Translation – “That’s nice  ” or “That’s so truly delightful ” )

And , in fact as well as being an illustrator/artist/cartoonist/ mum , I am an occupational therapist with little deaf kids . And to answer the  question you are thinking , and that most people ask me – yes, I can speak in sign language , but please don’t ask me to TRANSLATE a deaf persons signing as ” I went to The Maldives for my last holiday ” will look to me like  ” Can I eat the scrambled egg on your shoe?”

So anyway , back to the original point of this blog post…

When  I was commissioned to create an artwork to draw a little boy , Henry , with his Border Collie doggy , Alfie ( don’t you just love the names ???!) by Henry’s Aunty Lisa , as a gift for Henry’s 1st birthday , I immediately dropped everything else that I was doing (fortunately that was not a little deaf kid) and scrambled to my 12.9 inch 256GB iPad Pro and trusty Apple Pencil and start creating this drawing on the weirdly named , but extremely cool app , “Procreate ”

I’m pretty happy with the result.

As is little Henry’s Aunty Lisa .

And it was reported to me by Aunty Lisa , that when the parcelled up picture of Henry and Alfie had been flown the 1,797 km from Brisbane down to Melobourne ,  and was ripped open by little Henry’s parents , his mother cried tears of happiness when she saw the delight before her .

And that made made me happy too .

Which is “noice ”

So have  a noice day. Check out the entire  picture of a Henry and Alfie on my noice Illustration page on this website .

Love and hugs to all my precious readers,

And especially  extra love and hugs to readers who SUBSCRIBE  to this blog and SHARE  the blog with their friends and family .

Sandy Flett



Party pooper puppy illustration




Happy Easter !  I’ve been enjoying a  break away with my husband , Nige , and my daughter , Tara and in between stuffing myself with choc-cross buns ( I hate the traditional fruit ones -gasp!) I’ve taken some time to finish this illustration of a sad sad puppy . Gorgeous puppy staffy Lewis was the inspiration for this drawing done on the Procreate app .  To see the whole drawing , look under the ” illustration ” section . ( cheeky , huh??)