“Juno Jones – Word Ninja”- coming soon to a bookstore near you.

In exactly 23 days from now, on the 30th April 2019, the Middle Grade chapter book, “Juno Jones Word Ninja “, written by Kate Gordon – the first ever published book that I have had the opportunity to illustrate – will be released!!!

And here it is ….


I’m just a teensy bit excited.

Ever since I read picture books as little Sandy, I’ve dreamed of illustrating  books. You know that part in Little Women, when Jo finds out her story is accepted for publishing in a magazine? Well, that was always my favourite part – even more so than we she marries the lovely German dude ( although I’ll never forgive her for jilting poor old Laurie ) If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about – READ THE BOOK! 

So look out world – I’m on a roll now. 

My CHD * (  see THIS blog post on this fascinating disorder..) is in full flight.

In fact, it’s flying so well, that I’ve taken taken the plunge into writing my own stories ( and thank you to the publishing editor who suggested I give it a burl – you know who you are. )  This person suggested that just perhaps, maybe, I should try writing my own stuff. And so, I am.  And – to quote my favourite man from my childhood in the 1970’s ( sorry Dad, apart from you) – secret agent, Maxwell Smart…


When I feel brave enough to tell you WHAT that writing actually entails, I’ll fill you in. Suffice to say, it’s silly stuff and its for kids. ( How unusual, I hear my closest friends say.)

But, for now, I’m a pleased as a possum that I’ve had the honour of illustrating the first in the series of…

“Juno Jones – Word Ninja!”



* Creativity Hyperactivity Disorder. A condition suffered by people like me who move rapidly from one crazy creative project to the other. CHD will not  found in the “bible for Psychiatrists” the DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or the “DSM” . And, it’s not associated with any form of suffering, except maybe if you count a lack of income- as in the western world, being a “creative” rarely pays the bills…

Juno Jones will be released on 31st April 2019.

It is published by Yellow Brick Books and will be available in all good bookstores.

Or, you can find out more about Juno Jones, at Yellow Brick Books

OR, at these online bookstores