Work has commenced on the next Squirts cartoon … finally !


Here is a sneak peak …. I know , I know , its been  a long time coming , but the next cartoon in Squirts will be coming in the next 24 hours . Cupcake Marshmallow Sunshine the Unicorn’s  real name will be revealed , ( drumroll) Felicity will continue to talk too much ( drumroll ) and , well , that’s mostly it (clashing cymbal slightly off key ) . Keep your eyes peeled .




Party pooper puppy illustration




Happy Easter !  I’ve been enjoying a  break away with my husband , Nige , and my daughter , Tara and in between stuffing myself with choc-cross buns ( I hate the traditional fruit ones -gasp!) I’ve taken some time to finish this illustration of a sad sad puppy . Gorgeous puppy staffy Lewis was the inspiration for this drawing done on the Procreate app .  To see the whole drawing , look under the ” illustration ” section . ( cheeky , huh??)