Sandy’s World

Hormonal hairy ladies of the world  like me , this Sandy’s World cartoon is  for you .

I’ve shared the truth .

I’ve grossed out my husband .

My purpose in life is fulfilled for today.

I hope it grosses out the men people in your life too.

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Work has commenced on the next Squirts cartoon … finally !


Here is a sneak peak …. I know , I know , its been  a long time coming , but the next cartoon in Squirts will be coming in the next 24 hours . Cupcake Marshmallow Sunshine the Unicorn’s  real name will be revealed , ( drumroll) Felicity will continue to talk too much ( drumroll ) and , well , that’s mostly it (clashing cymbal slightly off key ) . Keep your eyes peeled .




Cupcake Marshmallow Sunshine

IMG_0490Cupcake Marshmallow Sunshine is my little unicorn from Squirts , the cartoon strip . Poor Cupcake really hates his name and will be trying to make it very clear that in fact , Cupcake Marshmallow Sunshine is not his real name at all .All will be revealed , when Felicity Fluorogarde , 3 1/2 , eventually shut ups long enough in the cartoon for Cupcake to be able to talk .I’m loving Cupacke already . He’s my kind of guy- smart , slightly witty and sarcastic , with a splash of colour . I hope he sticks around a long time , because I think , even though he will be suffering through many situations with Felicity and her gang , he’s gonna be A LOT of fun !